Consulting Services

Development Consulting

Binswanger Myre Pageau is among one of the very few real estate agencies able to offer such a wide range of services related to development. A mandate with our team of experts in development consulting means...

Advisory Services

Effective management of corporate real estate is key to better deploying capital, improving productivity and increasing profitability.

Real Estate Optimization

Binswanger Myre Pageau’ Real Estate Optimization service will provide your business with a deep understanding of the factors that most affect your business’s operation...

Financing Services

Obtaining financing for your business projects can be a difficult task made even more so if financing experts do not understand business realities. This is unfortunately too often the case...

Highest & Best Use

Binswanger Myre Pageau can help you maximize the value of your real estate assets by going through an analysis and finding the highest & best use for your real estate assets.

Marketing Services

Marketing your property when looking for a buyer or a tenant is a must. However, while most people think listing or advertising your property is all it takes, we know better.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are very complex by their nature but can also be very valuable to organizations if executed properly. Properly executing mergers or acquisitions require various expertises...