Binswanger Myre Pageau (BMP)

Not Brokers In The Traditional Sense of The Word.

Binswanger Myre Pageau

We are not brokers in the traditional sense of the word, we are not typical consultants or developers either. We are facilitators who bring innovative ideas, best practices and the best professionals together.

BMP Services

Although we do offer standard brokerage services, we differentiate ourselves in real estate consulting services where we bring business intelligence in the context of real estate.

80 years of history

Binswanger Myre Pageau is part of the larger Binswanger family which has grown over its 80 year history into one of the predominant advisors for corporate real estate assets in the world.

Our clients

Our 35 years of history in Quebec and our many accomplishments demonstrate our ability to better serve Quebec ’s numerous SMBs while some of our recent projects.

A World Wide Presence

29 Head Quarters. 250 offices. Global coverage of North America and South America - Europe • Middle East - Asia • Australia

BMP Approach & Methodology

We believe that the success of our approach resides in the right combination of data, processes and expertise.

BMP's Unique Platform

Commercial real estate is complex, in order to constantly deliver, Binswanger Myre Pageau has developed its own unique and state of the art platform to manage our client’s projects, processes.

Clients Portfolio

Bombardier, Bauer, GM, Coca-Cola, Sony, Phizer, Alcatel, Exxon, Abbott, Steelcase, Walmart, Hitachi, Amgen, Nestlé, Conair, etc.